GOOD NEWS - With our EU VAT registration, if you add a valid VAT number on the last page of the checkout, your prices will be calculated ex. VAT and there will be no additional fees to pay. If you do not have a VAT number, please click here.
GOOD NEWS - With our EU VAT registration, if you add a valid VAT number on the last page of the checkout, your prices will be calculated ex. VAT and there will be no additional fees to pay. If you do not have a VAT number, please click here.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Can you help me design a name badge online?

Of course! Our website has a fantastic, easy-to-use name badge designer and we've developed some great how-to videos to help you design your perfect badge. Simply click the link below to see our range of help videos, then go straight ahead and design your name badge.

Click here to watch our 'design a name badge' help videos
What is the minimum order quantity?

To keep things simple, we have no minimum order quantity. We accept orders for just one badge!

How long are your turn-around times?

Our turn-around times are one of our top priorities. We offer rapid, consistent and reliable despatches, with a standard despatch time of 3-5 working days, 3 working days for our FastTrack service and just 2 working days for our FastTrack Plus service. Order before 12pm (midday) on a working day for it to count towards the turnaround time. We also offer a Same Day production for orders of 50 badges or less placed before 10:30am online.

In a real last-minute panic? Call us on +44 (0)1790 755 868, we may be able to help.

How much do your name badges cost?

All of our prices are quantity based. The more you buy, the cheaper each badge becomes. You can find the badge prices by visiting our price list page. We readily offer this information as we believe our prices to be extremely competitive.

Can I order badges over the phone?

We cannot accept verbal orders over the phone. All orders must be in writing (usually via email) to prevent any unnecessary errors. We always recommend that you order online if possible, or if you cannot, email is preferred with any names lists supplied in Excel format where possible.

I want to order 20 badges, do I have to design every badge individually?

No. To keeps things simple we only require you to design the first badge for each design. Once this first badge has been designed, further names and/or job titles can be added in the next step. Once your order has been processed, a graphic designer will look over your design and ensure that any long names fit on the badge and that the overall design is aligned correctly. We recommend using a relatively long name as an example when designing your badge.

Are the badge prices competitive?

We believe our prices to be extremely competitive and do not hide them away, unlike many other suppliers. You can find the badge prices by visiting our price list page.

How much do you charge for delivery?

We offer a choice of delivery options as part of the online ordering process. To see our current list of delivery options, please see our Service & Delivery Options page. All of our orders are sent by FedEx.

Are there any setup or design fees?

Here at Name Badges International, we are proud to say that we have absolutely no hidden charges. To keep things simple, all that you pay is the cost of the badge, delivery and VAT on the total. That means no origination fees, no setup fees and no design fees!

How do you prefer my artwork/logo to be supplied?

We pride ourselves on offering the best solutions for novices all the way to professional graphic designers. The website badge designer allows you to upload .jpg .jpeg .png .gif .pdf .eps and .ai files. Via email, we can accept logos and badge designs in almost any format, just send us the best quality logo you have and we'll be able to produce the best possible result.

As a general rule, our preferred file formats are .pdf .ai and .eps. Other common file formats that we can accept include .jpg .jpeg .doc and .docx. As previously mentioned, we can open almost anything. In the unlikely event that you send us a file we cannot open, we will contact you about your options. We can currently accept files via email up to around 6MB. To find out more about submitting your own artwork and logos please visit our Technical page.

Do I have a choice of fittings for my name badges?

All of our name badges come with a choice of three fittings: Pin, Combi Clip and Magnet. Details on each of the fittings can be found by visiting the badge fittings page. You can also buy our name badges with no fitting if you have your own solution, just choose 'None' when designing your badges. Some of the smaller badges have limited fitting options due to their size. This will be indicated when choosing your fitting in the design process if the badge you are designing is one of the affected sizes.

What information will I have to provide when ordering name badges?

    If you're ordering your name badges online, the website takes care of everything, asking you for the relevant details in stages throughout the ordering process. Required data such as name, email address etc. is marked with an asterisk (*) and other sections may be optional. Design online now

    If you're ordering via email, you will need to include the following with your enquiry:

    • Type of name badges required: Prestige Name Badges, Prestige Premium Name Badges, Standard Name Badges, Shape Name Badges, Reusable Name Badges, Chalkboard Name Badges
    • Size of badge or window size (if applicable)
    • Border colour (if applicable)
    • Background colour of the badge
    • Total quantity required
    • Your choice of fitting: Magnet, Pin, Combi-Clip, None
    • Your logo or badge design artwork: See FAQ: How do you prefer my artwork/logo to be supplied?
    • A list of names: A list of names and/or job titles that you would like on the badges, either in an attached Excel file (preferred), the email itself, or an attached Word file.
    • Contact details: Your full invoice and delivery details including your telephone number and email address.
    • Your service and delivery choice: Choose from our Standard production or one of our many FastTrack options depending on the urgency of your order.

    Once these details have been supplied, our customer service team will review your request and contact you to progress the order as soon as possible. If you're in a hurry, it's always best to design and order your badges online, as email orders require an artwork which can take time to be created and sent back to you.

    How do badges from Name Badges International compare to others?

    Here at Name Badges International we're committed to quality. Our name badges are produced using only the very best materials and all badges* are produced with a scratch proof epoxy coating. All of our name badges use either high quality polished metal or premium quality injection moulded plastic to ensure extreme durability. Our range of pin, combi clip and magnetic fittings are very durable and are designed to last the life of the badge. To find out more, visit our commitment to quality page or read reviews from our customers on our testimonials page.

    * Except Chalkboard badges

    How does the service compare to other badge makers?

    Our quality of service is the best in the industry and we strive to keep it that way. At Name Badges International we offer a friendly, reliable service and we invite you to give us a call at any time on +44 (0)1790 755 868. We offer all kinds of help, from styling advice all the way to designing your badge for you, all completely free of charge! To see loads of up-to-date, genuine reviews from our customers, visit our testimonials page.

    How long have you been printing badges?

    As a company, we have been in the badge and promotional printing business for more than 40 years, gathering a vast amount of professional knowledge that we can use to help you create the perfect name badge for your company. Other aspects of promotional printing that we can provide you with include Stickers & Labels, Heat Seal Transfers, Printed Pens, Signs & Graphics and Workwear.

    Do your name badges have a scratch-proof protective dome?

    All of our name badges (except our Chalkboard badges) are domed with a scratch-proof epoxy resin. Not only is the resin coating scratch-proof, but it also protects the badge from the sun's harmful UV rays. This protection helps to keep your logo looking bright and fade-free, preserving each of your design's vibrant colours for years of faithful service.

    How thick is your domed resin coating?
    Our domed resin coating is usually around 1.5mm thick. However, due to tolerances in the production process, the thickness may vary by up to 33% (0.5mm).
    Is your domed resin coating mercury-free?

    Yes, our domed resin coating is mercury-free.

    Do you have designers that can design the badge for me?

    Yes! We have a team of experienced graphic designers that will happily produce a design based on your logo or a design brief, no-obligation, completely free of charge. Once a design has been produced we'll email you the result for your approval.

    Do you supply a digital proof of the badges before you produce them?

    For all email orders that are not a re-order of a previous design, we will always provide a PDF digital proof of the design before producing your badges. Proofs are made with no-obligation and are completely free of charge. Orders placed on our website are produced directly from the design created online and will not get a further digital proof.

    Do you offer credit account facilities as a method of payment?

    We will consider credit account enquiries on a case by case basis. The minimum requirements for a credit account would be expected orders totalling 30 badges (or around €120) per month. Please call +44 (0)1790 755 868 to discuss in more detail with our sales team.

    At what stage in the order process do you take payment?

    Payment for orders placed on the website is taken at the time you complete the order online. You will be presented with a choice of payment options, but if you're in a hurry we always recommend paying by credit/debit card as it's instant and we can immediately start producing your order. Other payment options will cause delays in production while we wait for confirmation that the money has been received.

    For email orders we ask for payment after you have approved the digital proof of the artwork that we will email to you free of charge. Once you have supplied your payment, the job will be put into production.

    How do you print the name badges?

    We digitally print using a high resolution 4 colour process to print all logos, text and solid background colours of the badges. For more information on colours, see our technical page.

    What are your Prestige Premium name badges made from?

    Our Prestige Premium name badges are made from metal in a choice of gold or silver-effect finishes giving that premium look that looks great on suits and tailored jackets. For the background, our Prestige Premium name badges can make use of the full range of metallic background options, white or any other colour that you wish provide. All of our Prestige Premium badges are protected by a domed resin finish.

    What are your Prestige, Standard, Shaped and Chalkboard badges made from?

    Our Prestige, Standard, Shaped and Chalkboard name badges are made from injection moulded recyclable, ABS plastic for excellent strength and durability. Our Prestige and Shapes ranges can make use of our full range of metallic options, white or any other colour that you wish provide. Our Standard badges can have any background colour you wish, but are not available with the gold or silver finishes. Chalkboard badges come with a black Chalkboard background, but the printable section can have any background colour you wish, except the metallic options. All of these badges, except Chalkboard, are protected by a domed resin finish.

    What are your Reusable name badges made from?

    Our Reusable name badges are made from clear ABS plastic for excellent strength and durability. For the background, our Reusable range can make use of the full range of metallic options, white or any other colour that you wish provide. All of our Reusable badges are protected by a domed resin finish.

    I have a Pantone® colour, can I use it when designing a name badge online?

    We print using CMYK inks, so exact Pantone® colour matching isn't always possible. However, when designing a badge on our website you can enter a Pantone® colour by selecting the 'Advanced' colour tab and scrolling down to where it says 'Match to a Pantone® colour'. This function re-creates the Pantone® colour in a format that we can print and usually results in a good colour match.


    Please be aware than printing on a metallic background will change the colour of the print, so results for Pantone® colours on metallic backgrounds will vary. We recommend choosing darker colours for use on the metallic backgrounds as light colours often print lighter than shown on screen.

    What are the minimum recommended sizes for printing barcodes and QR codes?

    For EAN-13 retail barcodes, the standard size is 38mm wide x 25mm high. The minimum size we recommend for EAN-13 barcodes is 30mm wide x 20mm high.

    For complicated QR codes we recommend a minimum size of 30mm wide x 30mm high. For less complicated QR codes we recommend a minimum size of 20mm wide x 20mm high.

    Below are examples of a very simple QR code (left), a typical QR code (middle) and a very complicated QR code (right):